“Live as if you were to die tomorrow.

Learn as if you were to live forever.”

― Mahatma Gandhi


As we continue to evolve on our path as both Yoga teachers and Yoga practitioners, it is important for us not only to maintain our regular sadhana of practice but also for us to continue to self reflect, to learn and to expand our knowledge and experience. 

Continued education gives us the opportunity as yoga teachers to enhance our personal practice, to acquire new skills and deepen our understanding of different aspects of our practice and teaching skills.

Although Yoga has a rich heritage with teachings many thousands of years old, it is also ever evolving as we are able to bring in and integrate new knowledge from Yoga, science and from other important cross disciplines.

It is important to remember that to teach yoga effectively, we must move beyond just a theoretical knowledge of Yoga to the practical application of both our learning and direct experience. 

Continuous learning and education also helps us to be in contact with other like minded teachers and practitioners - sharing experiences and knowledge helps us to gain new perspectives that help us to move deeper into both practice and teaching.




New and more experienced teachers


who would like to refresh and build on existing knowledge and refine personal practice skills and techniques

- who would like to build a solid foundation for informed and safe alignment principles

-  who want to understand how to apply basic prinples of movement for a deeper and more effective practice

- who would like the opportunity for exchange and sharing of knowledge and experience with other Yoga Teachers




This is a Non-residential Continued Education Training for Yoga Teachers, held at Task, Amalienstraße 81a in Munich, consisting of 3 workshop modules:


COURSE DATES:  Saturday 11 to Sunday 12 March 2023


MODULE 1 - 09:30 - 12:30 Saturday 11 March 2023 

Functional Anatomy and Physiology and the fundamentals of Yoga Asana Practice

As a basic foundation to any Yoga teaching, an understanding of the anatomy and physiology off our bodies is important if we are to understand and guide our students and ourselves in our Yoga practice in a way that is meaningfu,  effective l and adapted to individual needs to prevent both short and long term injuries.

It is not enough just to understand the structure or basic anatomy of our bodies - we need to better understand HOW our bodies work through an application of FUNCTIONAL ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY in the reality of movement and asana practice.

In this module, we review important prinicples of Asana practice, including:

- Active movements vs passive and assisted movements

- The stretch reflexes and implications for practice


Module 2 - 14:30 - 18:30 Saturday 11 March 2023

Exploring the Nervous System and the Spinal Movements 

The importance of our nervous system in our Yoga practice is often underplayed, however, the health of our nerves plays a huge role in our overall wellbeing, both physically and mentally.

In today's modern and stressful environment, learning how to activate our parasympathetic nervous system through techniques of pranayama are important to bring balance and healing to our bodies and minds.

Additionally, our nerves, like all soft tissues in the body, can become restricted and tight which can lead to pain. The shortening  or compression of nerves can be due to trauma or injury, or the result of ongoing poor posture which is often the case with neck and arm pain.

Through the  simple techniques of  neural mobilisation' we can also work directly in physical postures to 'lengthen or decompress' the nerves to help relieve pain.

In addition, in this module we focus on the importance of the spine. The spine is central to our posture and movement.  Our understanding of how to move the spine is key to both our overall health and to a more effective and efficient practice of asana.  The basic movements of the spine form the foundation of all asana practice.

In this training, we will learn how to effectively move the spine and explore how these movements form the fundamentals of tractioning, back bending, forward bending, twists and side bending in our asana practice.



Module 3 -   09:30 - 12:30  Sunday 12 March 2023

Bringing it all together - Application of Principles for more effective Asana Practice


In this final module for the training, we bring everything together to look at how we use our knowledge from the first 2 modules and apply these for a more effective asana practice. 


Exploring a series of well known and popular asanas, we look in detail at how we use active movement, stretch reflexes and the foundations of spinal movements to inform our practice in each of these asanas and how these principles can enable a deeper, safer and more effective practice.



COURSE COSTS  -  210  €



Send an email to mahashantiyoga@yahoo.com