What Our Graduates Say

 Eugene O'Connor, London, UK




"I was at the end of a 6 month career break, travelling the globe when I had the good fortune to meet Anna and Juergen in Sri Lanka two years ago. Their approach to yoga, and passion for a practice that celebrated alignment and foundations reignited my own. I had been considering teacher training for a number of years and knew that when I met them, they were the people to guide me on my next step.


The support, knowledge and kindness with which they carried out the training program allowed me to further my practice as a yogi and as a teacher (not to mention making some great friends along the way). I couldn’t recommend their yoga teaching training course highly enough and I look forward to continuing my yoga journey with them.' 



Katharina, Munich




"After all the years I’ve been practicing Yoga with Anna and Jürgen, it was time to take the next step on my yoga path.  The YTTC is not only a course to learn how to teach yoga, it also gives you a deeper knowledge about where it comes from and what the meaning is behind it. To do the YTTC with Anna and Jürgen is something really special. You can feel their passion for teaching n new generation of yoga teachers and their deep knowledge about yoga.


The course gives you a profound knowledge of what yoga really is and what is important to know as a yoga teacher, how to give safe instructions and help students to get the most benefit out of their yoga practice.  I´m very grateful for the time with Anna and Jürgen as my teachers, for the opportunity to be guided by them on this yoga path and noot to mention al the friends I  have made along the way."




Wenjin Shu, Frankfurt




'The four-week Yoga Teacher Training Course in India with Anna and Jürgen was definitely a unique journey. Together with Saji and Shaji, the four very experienced teachers helped me to build a good foundation for teaching authentic Hatha Yoga.


Besides studying, I had the chance to stay at an ashram which is the birth place of Adi Shankara - one of the greatest Indian philosophers of all time, and also to experience the local life and culture in India. What I learned and experienced in the whole training was far more than I had expected. As Saji said at the graduation ceremony, “A certificate is only a memory”, and my lifelong Yoga journey has just begun.'




 Katja Hartmann, Hamburg




'In 2016, I decided to take part in the Yoga Teacher Training with Maha Shanti Yoga. Anna and Juergen teach very authentic Hatha Yoga based on correct and healthy alignment.  They always keep the different personalities of their yoga students in mind and are a great help on the Yoga path.


Once you complete the YTTC, Anna and Jürgen offer the great opportunity to take part in the training again without payment of any tutorial fees. I came back to their second teacher training in 2018/209 and felt I was able to get even deeper into yoga philosophy and really move forwards on the yoga path. It was especially helpful to look into anatomy and hands-on assists after having gained teaching experience. I am very grateful that I got the chance to come back to this truly spiritual place and to have been part of this wonderful group.




Marion Kocholl, Hamburg



"The Yoga Teacher Training Course provided us with all the relevant information about responsible yoga teaching - but what made the training so special for me was, that Anna and Jürgen warmly shared their profound knowledge and supported us on our personal journey. 

Their course was a very good combination of classical Indian yoga philosophy combined with our western yoga lifestyle.' 




Lena Brandt, Munich



The YTTC with Maha Shanti Yoga was such a wonderful, inspiring experience! I enjoyed every step of the way. The most lovely teachers provided us with so much of their in-depth knowledge and experiences. It was a very diverse YTTC with lots of great guest teachers from different fields. I also appreciated the fact that the YTTC extended over one year so it gave me enough time to deepen my knowledge and intensify my own practice. I can highly recommend this YTTC. It will be an enriching experience.


Moos Mergler, Netherlands




'My journey on the yoga path was accelerated by this teacher training. While having fun with my fellow yogi students, I obtained insights into the details of all the practices of Hatha yoga and their underlying principles. I very much appreciated the way the two parts of the training were constructed and the time provided in between to experiment with the teachings of the first part, before applying them in the second part.'



Silke Mergler, Netherlands




'This yoga teacher training was very inspiring and helped me to get a deeper understanding of hatha yoga and its benefits. It also awakend my curiosity to more carefully explore yoga and the effects it has on my own body, mind and emotions, and how I can let my students experience yoga in their very personal way.'



Maria Kummer, Munich




'After that teacher training program with Anna and Jürgen I definitely feel ready to teach. They shared their extensive knowledge with the whole course and were teacher, friend and advisor. Thank you!'



Felicitas Keller, Munich



'The experience of the YTTC was really beyond my expectations. Not only did Anna and Juergen create a lovely and familiar atmosphere, they also shared their immense and profound knowledge with us in a way that made it easy to learn.'




Kathrin Schmoll, Munich




'Maha Shanti Yoga are two connected souls that live Yoga in everyday life. I stick as close to them as possible since 2007. Being part of their YTTC for me clearly was a very special gift. They share their experience of the yogic path and they share all the deep knowledge they have accumulated along the way.


Graduating from this YTTC gives you a lot - you will be able to pass on Yoga on a very profound level and in a loving and fulfilling way. But first of all you will have a tool for yourself that guides you through the challenges and pleasures of life in a truely “allround” yogic way. My thanks to Anna and Juergen for their passionate and humorous guidance.'