Benefits of Yoga


There are many documented benefits of yoga on a physical, mental and emotional level.  The following are just some of the health related benefits from a regular yoga practice:


- Reduction of stress and increased powers of relaxation 

- Lengthening of muscles, creating fluidity, flexibility and ease of movement

- Strengthening of muscles, creating physical power and stamina

- Increased balance creating agility and confidence in movement

- Improved posture through spinal alignment

- Enhanced power of concentration and self control 

- Improvement in respiration, circulation, elimination, detoxification and cellular regeneration

- Reduction of illness by boosting the functioning of the immune system 

- Cleansing and improvement in overall organ functioning 

- Improvement in mental clarity and ability to stay focused

- Increased peace of mind and a more positive outlook to life 

- Infusion of a sense of balance and internal harmony