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In today's high-pressure business environment, yoga is becoming increasingly common in the corporate setting. 

More and more companies are  offering yoga in an effort to lower their employee health care costs and increase productivity by countering work-related stress and to boost productivity and morale. 

By improving concentration, increasing energy levels and boosting the immune system, yoga is recognised as an effective way of enhancing corporate performance at all levels.




With well-established proven, researched benefits from yoga to the cardio, respiratory, and circulatory systems, today's business leaders are embracing the relationship between enhanced performance and yoga.

Yoga not only improves general physical health and postural problems commonly associated with corporate life, but also reduces physical and mental stress of the individual by helping to regulate the nervous and endocrine systems and improving circulation. 

Unlike other forms of exercise, yoga is a complete system, which not only improves general strength and flexibility in the body but also by working with the breath and mind, improves concentration, clarity and focus for the individual. As such, yoga is increasingly being used as an aid by managers and executives to enhance personal effectiveness in meetings, negotiations and public speaking. 


Yoga classes can be arranged in company for your staff as part of an employee benefit programme or wellness programme. 

Sessions can be arranged in the morning, during the lunch break or at the end of the working day. We will provide the yoga mats, blocks and other equipment - all that you require is a room and enthusiastic staff!


Our list of corporate clients include global companies such as Allianz Insurance, where we have been running a number of regular weekly Yoga classes for employees since 2012 and BMW since January 2017.