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The Yoga Consultation uses the principles of Yoga in a holistic approach to empower and support individuals to manage health conditions by working simultaneously on the body, mind and spirit.

It can be applied to a large number of increasingly common health conditions such as back pain, diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, digestion problems, depression, anxiety and stress.

Beginning with an initial Yoga Lifestyle Consultation, a yoga lifestyle plan is developed based on individual need.  This consultation reviews your current lifestyle, existing health conditions and concerns using an integrated approach of Yoga which is based on the concept of the Pancha Koshas.  These, according to Yoga tradition, are the 5 levels or sheaths of existence which every individual is made up of.

As a result of the consultation, a personalised Yoga plan is developed which may include recommended practice of asanas, pranayama, meditation, mantras, relaxation, detoxifcation programmes, dietary advice and additional lifestyle counselling.


There are times when a group class is not the ideal situation for everyone and private sessions may be preferable as these sessions can be tailored more specifically to your personal needs - whether you want to work on on particular practices that you wish to improve, refine or deepen, or whether you wish to work on a programme tailored for a particular health condition which you would like to manage.

If you are completely new to Yoga, private Yoga classes can be ideal to help you build a foundation and confidence to join a group class at a later stage.  

Benefitting from our experience, training and understanding of applied anatomy and physiology gained through the related disciplines of Yoga Therapy and physiotherapy, we are also able to work with you to adapt a personal practice which takes into account any existing injuries, physical restrictions or health conditions that you may be experiencing to ensure that you have a safe and effective practice.

Private sessions can be offered both in person or online.   Please contact us directly if you wish to discuss or explore your options.