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What is Maha Shanti Yoga?  Maha Shanti Yoga is not the name for a special form or style of yoga - it is purely a reflection of what our Yoga practice means to us personally. Maha Shanti Yoga is based on the Sanskrit words 'Maha' which can be defined as 'Great' and "Shanti" which means "Peace"  This name Maha Shanti Yoga represents our journey through yoga to rediscover "Great Peace", not just in terms of wider society which is needed more than ever at present,  but also to a deeper and inner peace which exists within us all.  Through this practice of yoga,  we not only improve our physical health, but more importantly, we can also find our own inner and eternal peace through a journey of personal and spiritual development.

At the heart of Maha Shanti Yoga lies our fundamental values and principles of conscious living, embodying connection and embracing community.

The Om Symbol

The Maha Shanti Yoga logo is made up of the Om symbol and the 12 petalled lotus. 'Om' is the primal sound or vibration from which the entire universe constantly emanates and is the essence of all Mantra.  The sounding of 'Om' is the beginning of a transformative process which connects us with a state of awareness enabling us to experience our identity with the universe. 


The 12 Petalled Lotus

The symbol of the 12 petalled lotus incorporated within our logo represents the Anahata chakra which is the Heart chakra. Resting in the centre of the chest, this vortex of psychic energy is associated with love and understanding, compassion, empathy and forgiveness - not just for others, but equally importantly, for the self. Through the heart chakra, we open to conscious connection with ourselves and community, finding balance and iving in harmony and peace with all living beings, with nature and our environment.