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Workshops 2024

About Workshops

Throughout the year, half day workshops are offered regularly on Saturday mornings to help you to deepen your knowledge and practice of yoga - and to provide the space to come together and share time as a community.

These workshops are held in our space in TASK, Amalianstrasse 81a and provide an opportunity for more extensive practice of asanas, pranayama and meditation. The workshops fall into 2 main categories; Yoga Intensive Workshops or themed workshops selected from a wide range of topics.

Yoga Intensive Workshops despite the name, do not necessarily mean a very strenuous and intense practice of highly advanced and challenging asanas - they provide an opportunity for each and every person to go deeper into their own practice irrespective of which level they are are practicing at.

The themed workshops include a variety of topics including

  • Dynamic Yoga
  • Partner Yoga 
  • Balance 
  • Hip openers 
  • Yoga for the back
  • Yoga at the Wall
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Yoga for the Core

The next upcoming workshops are alos listed in the Calender section of the website.